Stay Woke

The story behind Ogima

Ogima is all about ‘staying woke’. Being and staying aware that we live in a society where we have routines and have to live by these routines to get by every day.
If you read between the lines you could get the impression that we are nothing more than a modern version of slaves. Opinions about this are divided because you still have the choice to do the things you do, or not. But if you choose not to work, you won’t have any income and will be unable to pay for your needs.

The meaning behind Ogima’s logo is best explained with pictures:

The horizontal rectangle on top symbolizes the very base of your life.
The way you where raised and your early school years. Your general development and the knowledge you found in your younger years.

The smaller cubes underneath the rectangle symbolize your own point of development.
Your further education and current job can be counted as those points. But they also symbolize both the positive and negative life experiences that made you to the person you are today.
The cubes also include friends and hobbies and the things you like to do to relax.
Maybe you know how to speak multiple languages or like to travel, like to go out or spend nights with your friends. Or maybe you are crazy about computers and gaming or are you very creative and like to make crafts, sculpt or paint.

At last we have the vertical rectangle that hides out
as the letter i.
This stands for the things you are most passionate about. These could be your hobbies or your job, as by the smaller cubes, but this is where you specialized yourself in most. What this thing is for you, well, only you know that. Or maybe you don’t know yet, but you will in time.

This brings us to the true meaning of Ogima.
Times are getting harder with growing acts of violence of all kinds. But with this you show that you still believe in making the world a better place by one act of kindness at a time. Only when you look at yourself in the mirror will you see the word “Amigo” which is the spanish word for friend, because it starts with you, being a friend to youself and others.